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May 22, 2019

Fainting during the first trimester of pregnancy may raise risk of problems for mom and baby

Study Highlights: Women who faint during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, may have a higher risk of preterm delivery, abnormal heart rhythms, or birth defects in their infants and other adverse outcomes, compared to pregnant women who do not faint. In a study of nearly a half million women between 2005 and 2014, about 1% of women fainted during pregnancy and the rates appear to be increasing by 5% each year.

?Smart? molecules that selectively target abnormal cell growth in blood vessels may reduce reoccurring blockage after stenting

Study Highlights: Artificial ?smart? molecules that selectively target certain blood-vessel cells and prevent abnormal growth, appear to reduce reoccurring blockages in blood vessels previously opened by stents, while sparing healthy endothelial cells lining the blood vessel. One molecule studied prevented vascular smooth muscle cells from overgrowing and blocking blood vessels, and the other caused these cells to die.

Injections of a novel protein reduced artery blockage by enhancing lymphatic vascular function in mice

Study Highlights: Mice that received injections of a protein called VEGF-C experienced about a 30% reduction in artery blockage compared to untreated mice. The VEGF-C injections improved lymphatic transport, limited plaque formation and stabilized plaque even after mice were switched to a high-fat diet.

Plaque in arteries may not all be the same; targeting specific immune cells in plaque may reduce heart attack and stroke risk

Study Highlights: Not all plaque is alike; researchers have found that a specific type of immune cell is more common in arterial plaque that is likely to cause a stroke or mini-stroke. The finding raises the possibility of targeted immune therapy to reduce heart attack and stroke risk in certain patients.

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