ADA Recommendation for A1c Levels

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) generally recommends testing your A1c levels at least twice a year if you have diabetes. Based upon your doctor's evaluation, there are clinical situations when testing A1c every 3 months is advised.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) generally recommends reaching an A1c level of less than 7 percent, subject to adjustment by your doctor and your individual course of treatment. Eating healthy foods and staying physically active can help you to manage your A1c levels.

The A1c test does not replace daily self-testing of blood glucose levels.

If I lower my A1c levels, will my disease condition improve?

Lowering your A1c levels to recommended levels can alleviate physical stress on your body and improve your health condition.

Scientific studies have shown that lowering A1c levels by 1% reduces the risk of serious health complications by 40%.

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